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Ernestine (Ernie) Day

Ernie plays solo acoustic guitar with a passion and joy that is evident when she performs. Her voice is the guitar and it has been a huge part of her healing process. It is the one place she is able to express her innermost self.

Her healing journey started in 1996 as she opened to her thoughts, feelings and emotions. She then channeled that energy through her guitar. She was able to express her innermost feelings and emotions without using words. Ernie has turned her past pain into beautiful music. Her guitar is something that lets her articulate her personality, her feelings and her story without words.

She considers the guitar to be her soulmate and feels very blessed, honoured and grateful for this gift that the universe has given her and continues to share this healing gift with others. . Her music is strictly instrumental, which, she says, allows the listeners to experience how the music makes them feel or Moves them.

Day was raised with traditional Scottish and Irish fiddle music, country music, and later discovered Blue Grass, swing, folk and blue

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